Securities Account Control Agreement (SACA)
TVPX provides securities intermediary and custodial services on behalf of life settlement investors pursuant to a a securities account control agreement. Under this structure, TVPX, in its capacity as Securities Intermediary for the benefit of the investors/purchasers, becomes the owner and beneficiary of the life policy on the records of the insurance company which allows TVPX to efficiently service and manage large life insurance portfolios. Specific Securities Intermediary services may include the following:

  • Establishment of each policy as an asset to the account
  • Premium payment as directed
  • Contact insurance carriers to verify coverage and proper premium payment application
  • Payment of 3rd party fees as directed
  • Execution of policy documentation as needed
  • Processing of carrier correspondence
  • Processing of policy maturities
  • Production of monthly account statements showing all assets to the account
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